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This popular lesbian drama TV show was filmed in Vancouver

While the sequel series is cancelled, a reboot of the original show is in the works.
The widely popular 2004 drama series "The L Word" was filmed in Vancouver, B.C.

Did you know this widely popular lesbian drama series was actually filmed in Vancouver?

While The L Word: Generation Q won't be renewed for a fourth season, a reboot of the original 2004 series is in the works. The series' creator, writer, and executive producer Ilene Chaiken is also expected to be involved, reports Deadline

The long-running Showtime series follows the lives and loves of a group of lesbian and bisexual women in Los Angeles as the characters date, get into relationships, hook up and break up, consider having families, and question their sexuality.

Residents of Hollywood North might recall seeing The L Word film sets from around town back in the early 2000s.

While locals may recognize parts of Vancouver throughout the series, the show cleverly disguises the city as West Hollywood. This is where the TV show filmed in the city:

Holt Renfrew

In season 5, episode 6, Jenny takes Adele shopping at one of Vancouver's downtown luxury shopping centres. 


Metro Vancouver's beloved amusement park has made appearances in numerous movies and TV shows, including The L Word

The Ironworks

Unfortunately this historic site isn't actually The Planet (a popular fictional hangout spot in the show), but its exterior is! If you want to see the outside of The Planet for yourself, stop by this popular filming location

La Terraza 

This Italian restaurant in Yaletown also set the scene for Smallville and The Wayans Bros

Orpheum Theatre

Fans may recall seeing the Orpheum in the background as Shane and Veronica Bloom argued at a film opening. But, did you know the theatre is allegedly haunted

Wild Rice 

This restaurant serving Pan-Asian fusion fare shuttered its doors for good in 2018, but glimpses of the once-was eatery can still be seen in episodes of The L Word

Vancouver International Airport 

The busy airport sees masses of travellers each day, but it also saw film sets for The L Word, The Lizzie McGuire MovieGood Luck Chuck, and Supernatural, among many others. 

Twin Falls/Lynn Canyon

In the episode titled "Last Dance" (S3E11), the friend group scatters Dana's ashes under the waterfall, which turns out to be Twin Falls.