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V.I.A. Podcast Ep. 62: Randa Salloum and Emily Rowed

This week's episode of the V.I.A. Podcast features two fantastic Vancouver women: Randa Salloum and Emily Rowed.

Here are a couple of things we know for sure: Change is good, and Vancouver is AWESOME. Not only is Vancouver an awesome city, but it is also full of awesome people doing awesome things.

We've been featuring some incredible people making Vancouver a better place for the last 61 episodes of the V.I.A. Podcast, and nothing's really changed in that sense for this 62nd episode. But you will find Adam Nanji joining Lindsay William-Ross as your permanent co-hosts, and you'll be getting MORE awesome with every podcast. That's because we've refreshed our mandate for the podcast to focus on bringing you the classic "Awesome with a capital 'A'" V.I.A. content in audio form. To achieve that, we'll be downshifting to releasing an episode every other week for starters.

 Photo by Photo by @allyfotografymediaco via @randasalloum/Instagram

To kick off this evolution, this week's episode features two fantastic Vancouver women. First up, we talk to Randa Salloum, the Founder and Creative Director of CIEL Creative Marketing, the co-founder of pop-up consignment warehouse sale Archive, and a well-known local Instagram influencer in the lifestyle and fashion space.

Randa gets candid about how she's changed her own approach to social media in an effort to lead a more sustainable life, as well as how she helps businesses get across their messages of sustainability, education, and empowerment. We also talk about Archive, and how Vancouverites can easily move past fast fashion and shop smarter for clothes and accessories.

 Photo via Photo via Emily Rowed/Facebook

Then we chat with Vancouver-based pop singer and songwriter Emily Rowed, whose brand new album April just dropped on 604 Records. Emily talks about how the album chronicles one very important year in her life, from April to April. She hits the stage April 25 at Vancouver's Fox Cabaret in support of her new album, and she was kind enough to give us a low-fi and heart-felt performance of the song "My Friend," live at the V.I.A. Podcast studio.

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Show notes for Episode 62:

 Randa Salloum in the V.I.A. studio. Photo by Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome.Randa Salloum in the V.I.A. studio. Photo by Lindsay William-Ross/Vancouver Is Awesome.

Bonus: Check out Emily Rowed's video for "Pinball"


Produced and hosted by Lindsay William-Ross and Adam Nanji. Our Associate Producer and Editor is Albert Van Santvoort. Additional support from Bob Kronbauer and Elana Shepert.

We record in the studio at Glacier Media, 303 West 5th Avenue in Mt Pleasant.

Theme song is Vancouver BC by The Smugglers ©1990, available on iTunes.

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