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All 34 restaurants taking part in FEAST: Asian Dining Festival 2019

Wondering just where you can go to find special FEAST menus? We've got the full list of restaurants on board for this year's FEAST: Asian Dining Festival.

 FEAST: Asian Dining Festival is on for a second year from Oct. 18-Nov.18, 2019. Asian food/ShutterstockFEAST: Asian Dining Festival is on for a second year from Oct. 18-Nov.18, 2019. Asian food/Shutterstock

The countdown is on to FEAST: Asian Dining Festival, which is the multi-week celebration centred in Richmond that has Asian restaurants offering specially-priced menus, meant for sharing.

Taking place October 18 through November 18, FEAST will find a range of Asian restaurants in Richmond offering group dining options for four to ten guests, featuring signature dishes, specialty items, and recommended eats, all at special FEAST festival pricing.

Restaurants will span the realm of Asian dining, including restaurants specializing in Cantonese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Shanghainese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese cuisines - to name a few.

You can focus on affordable eats, gourmet dining, everything noodles, bold and spicy, comfort eats, or seek out something totally new to you. Just grab some friends and choose your own Asian dining adventure.

With the “dine-around” model, FEAST really allows Metro Vancouverites the chance to easily get to known – or re-visit – some of Richmond’s fantastic restaurants, with the FEAST menu acting as an easy, accessible passport to a great meal.

Wondering just where you can go to find these special FEAST menus? Here’s the full list of restaurants on board for 2019:

  • Anar Persian Cuisine
  • Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle
  • Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant
  • Clubone Cafe
  • Continental Seafood Restaurant
  • Danny Wuntun Restaurant
  • Ember Indian Kitchen
  • Ginger Indian Cuisine
  • Gingeri Chinese Cuisine
  • Hot Pot Palace
  • Ichiro Japanese Restaurant
  • Jade Seafood Restaurant
  • JiangHu Taiwanese Pot & Wok Cuisines
  • Kanpeki Teppanyaki Restaurant
  • Kisha Poppo
  • Kumare Restaurant and Bakery
  • Liuyishou Hotpot
  • Meetrice Noodle
  • MICHA Richmond
  • Mr. Bro Korean Bistro & Izakaya
  • Ora Sushi
  • Pokey Okey
  • Ramen Takanotsume
  • Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant
  • Shiang Garden Seafood Restaurant
  • SuHang Restaurant
  • Tin Tin Seafood Harbour
  • Toku Japanese Restaurant
  • Westcoast Poke
  • Xyclo Bistro
  • Yokohama Teppanyaki & Sushi Bar
  • Tandoori Kona Restaurant
  • Golden Paramount Seafood Restaurant
  • Yuu Japanese Tapas

FEAST: Asian Dining Festival

When: Oct. 18-Nov.18, 2019

Where: Participating Asian restaurants in Richmond

Vancouver Is Awesome is proud to be a media sponsor of FEAST: Asian Dining Festival