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This is the Most Awesome FREE EVENT in Vancouver in 2014

You'd be hard pressed to find another event that is loved by more Vancouverites, and which more accurately defines summer in our city, than the Honda Celebration of Light fireworks competition.

mostawesome2014 You'd be hard pressed to find another event that is loved by more Vancouverites, and which more accurately defines summer in our city, than the Honda Celebration of Light fireworks competition. For the past five years I've had the honour of sitting on the judging panel that chooses the yearly winner. The panel also includes city councillors and representatives from the event sponsors like Concord Pacific and Honda. We take in each of the shows put on by international pyrotechnic teams and choose the winners who walk away with a trophy and the honour of being the best of the best. I'm often asked “how do you even judge fireworks?”, and believe it or not there is an incredibly technical point system in place, broken down into five categories which help us decide the winner. Of course, the most important factor is which of the the teams put on the most entertaining show for those who enjoy what I think is the most awesome free event that happens in Vancouver every year.

The fireworks have been a part of Vancouver summers since 1990, with an estimated average attendance of 1.4 million people each year. Residents and visitors gather on the shores of English Bay, across the bridges, in nearby high-rises, and all the way over in Kitsilano and UBC to be dazzled. If you've lived in this city for any amount of time I imagine you've watched them from many vantage points; as long as you've got a radio nearby and can tune into the simulcast in the company of friends, you're guaranteed a great time. In recent years the event organizers, BRANDlive, have added a few layers of awesomeness to the event including a free concert series with multiple stages, and performances by Red Bull stunt planes and professional fly boarders. They've even added bleacher seating which you can pay a little bit for and be sure that you'll have one of the best views of the show.

 Photo: Christine McAvoyPhoto: Christine McAvoy


This is one of our Editor's Picks! Check out all of the winners of Most Awesome Awards from the Readers Choice below.

2014 Most Awesome Awards - Readers Choice

By Vancouver Is Awesome

Nominated by the readers of Click the links in each slide to learn more about the winners!

  • Most Awesome Building Manager

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    John Davis!

  • Most Awesome Teenager

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Tomas Lang!

  • Most Awesome Amateur Sports League

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Terminal City Roller Girls!

  • Most Awesome Sharing Advocate

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Joni McKervey!

  • Most Awesome Good Will Ambassador

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Bif Naked!

  • Most Awesome Graphic Design Advocates

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Ross Milne and Grace Partridge!

  • Most Awesome Doctor

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Doctor Julio Montaner!

  • Most Awesome Charitable Entrepreneur

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Ken Lyotier of United We Can!

  • Most Awesome Sports Fans

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Vancouver Whitecaps FC supporters!

  • Most Awesome Librarian

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Sheila Mclean!

  • Most Awesome Free Thing

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The Vancouver Public Library!

  • Most Awesome Walking Bridge

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The one in East Van featured in The Raymur Mothers!

  • Most Awesome Place to Regain Faith in Humanity

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Sol Convenience Store!

  • Most Awesome Public Park

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Stanley Park!

  • Most Awesome Knitters

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Knit Social!

  • Most Awesome TV Show

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic!

  • Most Awesome Soup

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Peaceful Noodle's Spicy Tangy Dumpling Soup!

  • Most Awesome FREE Music Event Series

    By Vancouver Is Awesome!

  • Most Awesome Ocean Conservation Program

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise!

  • Most Awesome Local Food Advocate

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Chad Brealey from Salt, Fresh & Field!

  • Most Awesome Animal Rights Organization

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The BC SPCA's Vancouver branch!

  • Most Awesome Kitchen Rescue Organization

    By Vancouver Is Awesome


We're excited that TELUS is helping us bring you the Most Awesome Awards. A longtime friend of V.I.A., TELUS is passionate about giving back to the community by recognizing, celebrating and supporting great community partners, friends and neighbours making a difference in the lives of others. Watch in the coming weeks as we roll out all of the Most Awesome Awards presented by TELUS.