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This map shows Vancouver filming locations for popular Netflix shows

Find out which Metro Vancouver locations your favourite shows and movies used
Has Netflix been in your neighbourhood? A new website from the streaming platform shows filming locations for some of its top shows and movies, including many that were shot in Vancouver.

Vancouverites looking to live out some of their favourite small screen moments may use a new Netflix website to see what locations were used in popular shows and movies. 

Netflix in Your Neighbourhood maps out what locations were used in some of the streaming platform's top shows. 

To find out where shows filmed in your B.C. neighbourhood you can select your province in the "Netflix in Canada" section. A map will pop up that allows you to choose B.C. 

To start, the Netflix map site is showing five TV shows that were filmed in B.C.: Always be my Maybe, Firefly Lane, Virgin River, To All the Boys, and Restaurants on the Edge. From there, you can select each title to find out where it films. 

For example, when you select Always Be My Maybe, filming locations in Vancouver including the Vancouver Art Gallery, The Roxy Cabaret, The Orpheum Theatre, Glowbal, and the Nightingale appear. The city stood in for San Francisco in the Ali Wong rom com

Netflix also gives a brief description of each filming location and what happened in the scene that was filmed there. For example, Always Be My Maybe was filmed at the Vancouver Art Gallery for the scene when characters "Sasha and Marcus arrive at the Food & Wine Awards, they’re actually walking in the Georgia Street Plaza in front of the gallery." 

Alternatively, you can toggle through the TV shows and find out where they were filmed across Canada. 

Locals also have the opportunity to spot "Jenny from the block" in Vancouver in the upcoming weeks. 

Jennifer Lopez will be in town filming a Netflix thriller called The Mother that also stars Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare In Love), Omari Hardwick (Power), and Gael Garcia Bernal (Y Tu Mamá También).