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Updated: 'And none for Vancouver, bye' - Taylor Swift announces six Canadian Eras Tour Toronto

"Throw the whole day out."
Taylor Swift added more dates to her Eras Tour for 2024 and there are six shows in...Toronto.

UPDATE NOV 2, 2023: Taylor Swift announced three Vancouver Eras Tour concert dates for December 2024. Read more HERE. Original article follows below. 

Well, it finally happened. After months of speculating and tying hypothetical strings across our hypothetical corkboard to calculate the likelihood of a Canadian Eras Tour leg, we have our answer and it's a good news/bad news situation.

Taylor Swift has announced six shows in Canada next November...but they're all in Toronto.

Thursday morning Swift announced additional Eras Tour dates in 2024 which included shows in Miami, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Toronto but no Vancouver (or any other Canadian city for that matter).

Some Vancouver Swifties still hold out hope, but many took to social media this morning to express their dismay that we appear to be left out.

Some are saying that this calls our status as a "world-class city" into question as well. 

Since tour dates have been rolled out slowly throughout this whole process there will always be hope that Vancouver will eventually get the attention it desperately wants (and in our opinion, deserves) but serious Swift fans have said they will fly to Toronto if they have to.