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American burger chain leaves Western Canada after closing all its Vancouver locations

We all have one fewer place to get tater tots. 😢

It's no longer possible to pay for a Rocket Single, homestyle chili cheese tots and Oreo shake with Canadian dollars unless you want to really annoy an American cashier.

Johnny Rockets has left the country after quietly closing its last four locations in Victoria and Vancouver. The modern diner-style restaurant had locations at Broadway and Oak and at Nelson and Howe, but they've been papered over and "For Lease" signs are up.

The company used to have several locations across Canada, but the brand has shrunk considerably in recent years; in 2017 they announced locations in 30 countries with more than 385 franchises and plans for many more worldwide. However, they've been closing locations for a while now.

While they've left almost every location in Canada, there is still one outpost operating in a Caesars casino in Windsor, Ont.

While the locations are still listed online (including on the Johnny Rockets website and Skip the Dishes) the company which bought Johnny Rockets in 2020 — FAT Brands — has confirmed with Vancouver Is Awesome that they're officially closed. When asked if they were leaving Canada the company did not respond.

While Johnny Rockets is leaving the region, FAT still has a presence here, with the recently opened flagship Fatburger in downtown Vancouver, along with Marble Slab and Pretzelmaker.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated these were the last Johnny Rockets in Canada. The one in Windsor is still open.