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At last, an East Van staple for Himalayan food rebrands, reopens new restaurant location

Bring on the momos: It's back after nearly a decade!
A staple of Nepalese cuisine, momos - dumplings - are the Indo-Chinese speciality of Momo Hut, a new Vancouver restaurant that is the rebranded return of the popular Cafe Kathmandu, which closed back in 2016.

For a decade, Commercial Drive was home to Cafe Kathmandu, a beloved spot serving up Himalayan fare like fiery meat and veggie curries and Nepalese dumplings called momos.

When Cafe Kathmandu shuttered in 2016, the plan was always for the business to return. While it has taken almost another decade, the owners are back with a refreshed concept, name, and location. Momo Hut, located at 6372 Fraser St, officially opened its doors on March 17.

"The legacy continues with the grand re-opening of B.C.’s first-ever Nepalese restaurant, Café Kathmandu, serving customers since 2006," proclaims the Momo Hut website. 

Nepalese momos are a vital part of Indo-Chinese cuisine; much like the dumplings you may already be familiar with, they are made by filling thin wrappers with savoury proteins or veggies. Momos are cooked in a variety of methods and styles, from steamed to pan-fried, swirled in butter or fired up with Szechuan spice, and Momo Hut's momo offerings are plentiful.

The restaurant also serves up several dishes from the Indo-Chinese tradition, like chow mein, goat curry, and butter chicken, among others. 

While Momo Hut may be somewhat of a new identity for the restaurant, the owners are leaning on the legacy of Cafe Kathmandu. "To further reinforce our reputation as a leading restaurant in the industry, we are proud to have received numerous accolades and nominations throughout our decade-long tenure," describes Momo Hut, pointing to multiple awards from its last years of tenure on The Drive.

"Our loyal customers have provided rave reviews and references, fuelling our drive to continue providing the best dining experience in town, right here in Vancouver," add owners.


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