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Vancouver's Chinese food called the best in North America

A major food publication has just singled out Vancouver and Richmond, B.C. for having the best Cantonese food in North America.

Turns out the New York Times isn't the only U.S. publication singing the praises of restaurants in Vancouver. Eater, the NY-based network of sites for food lovers, has just declared that "North America’s Best Cantonese Food Is in Canada."

Specifically, as Eater's Restaurant Editor Bill Addison elaborates, he's talking about three Vancouver and Richmond restaurants he's recently visited "that warrant brandishing a passport to experience them."

The restaurants profiled in tantalizing detail are Vancouver's Dynasty Seafood and Richmond's Hoi Tong and Golden Paramount.

While Addison writes, quite accurately, that in Vancouver and Richmond, "the breadth of regional Chinese cuisines — including Sichuan, Shanghainese, Shandong, Hunan, and far-western Uyghur as mere starting points — could take lifetimes to devour," he has opted to focus on Cantonese.

That's how Addison, and local food writer Lee Man, ended up feasting on Sweet and Sour Pork and Pipa Tofu at Hoi Tong, "typhoon shelter crab with sticky rice" at Dynasty, and spring rolls and other dim sum at Golden Paramount.

Richmond and Vancouver are indeed rife with treasures when it comes to Chinese cuisine. While there's pretty much always a good time for it, if you need an excuse, we are closing in on Chinese New Year, celebrated in 2018 on February 16, which makes a great time for feasting.

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Or you can make plans to head out to eat and have your say about what you think is the best Chinese food in the region; the 10th annual Chinese Restaurant Awards opens up voting for the Diners' Choice categories on January 29.