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PETA puts Vancouver spot on list of best vegan ramen in North America

Instead of sending nudes to protest, PETA is sending us to get noods. 🍜
Negi-Goma Atsuage vegan ramen from Ramen Danbo. Photo by @snacksuf via @ramendanbo_ca/Instagram

Sometimes, when PETA protests, they send nudes. But when they want to round-up a winter-weather favourite, they send noods - ramen noodles, that is.

The animal advocacy group has just released their picks for the best bowls of vegan ramen in North America, and a beloved Vancouver spot lands on the list.

Ramen Danbo, which has locations on West 4th Avenue in Kitsilano and Robson Street in the West End, ladles up a Negi-Goma Atsuage Ramen. 

PETA describes the dish: "The menu option features white sesame oil, roasted sesame seeds, and fresh scallions as well as six slices of mouthwatering thick-fried tofu."

negi-goma-vegan-ramen-danbo-vancouverNegi Goma vegan ramen at Ramen Danbo. Photo via Ramen Danbo Canada/Facebook

Ramen broth, which is traditionally made using pork, chicken, or seafood, or a combo thereof, can be off-limits for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. However, in Vancouver, ramen joints, including many who are tied to established Japanese brands, have realized in the last few years that it's worthwhile to perfect and offer a plant-based ramen option. 

You'll also find worthy vegan ramen bowls to slurp up around Vancouver at places like the Los Angeles-based Ramen Jinya, Ramen Taka, Benkei, and North Vancouver's Workshop. 

Also on the PETA list are spots in the following cities: L.A., San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York, Austin, Honolulu, Okalahoma City, Orlando, and Memphis. Danbo - though they now also have location in New York City and Seattle - is the only Canadian spot to make their list.

Ramen Danbo is located at 1833 West 4th Avenue and 1333 Robson Street in Vancouver