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Shuttered Korean donut shop on Robson shifting to snack bar concept

"We’re working hard to bring you a fresh Korean snack bar experience like no other."
Home to Korean "twist" donut spot Nukid for about 18 months, 1660 Robson St in Vancouver is now becoming a Korean snack bar concept called NomNom Seoul

Owners of a short-lived Korean "twist" donut and bakeshop café on Robson Street in Vancouver are at work on launching a revamped concept in the vacated space, this time focusing on offering a "snack bar experience."

Nukid opened in February 2022 at 1660 Robson St, and immediately drew crowds for its unique sweets and treats. 

However, in October 2023, Nukid shared news it the end had arrived for the bakeshop via a sign posted to its door. The last day of business was Oct. 22. 

Owners have been prepping a replacement concept, called NomNom Seoul, set to open soon in the space.

Branding details for NomNom Seoul were shared just two days after Nukid shuttered in October by its branding agency, New Concept. The agency's name was also part of the contact email address provided for Nukid on its website. 

This week, Nukid revived its dormant Instagram account, switching the handle and branding to NomNom Seoul. 

NomNom Seoul shared the following message on its rebranded IG account:

"We have some exciting news to share with you. A new Korean brand, 'NomNom Seoul,' is getting ready to open its doors at the location where Nukid used to be, 1660 Robson St," they explain, noting the "transition" to the new social media account.

"We sincerely thank you for your interest and support and express our gratitude for your love for Nukid up to this point," NomNom Seoul continues. "We’re working hard to bring you a fresh Korean snack bar experience like no other with 'NomNom Seoul,' so we kindly ask for your continued interest and support."

Details of what guests can expect from the new Korean snack bar restaurant or a timeline for opening have not been made public.

V.I.A. has reached out to New Concept/Nukid/NomNom Seoul multiple times and will update with more information should they provide a response. 

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