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It's a turnover: Basketball bar to open in place of long-planned Vancouver restaurant

The ball's in another business' court now!

In basketball parlance, this is kind of a turnover: While Vancouver awaited the launch of Saola, a modern Asian fusion restaurant planned for 2415 Main St, another team is now handling the ball...err, space.

While Saola was announced in late 2020 for a planned early 2021 debut, the modern Asian spot languished in the prep stages (and lost some key players along the way).

Now the Mount Pleasant address is boasting the arrival of Courtside, a sports bar concept honed in on all things basketball - quite a feat in a city without a current NBA team!

"Sure, hockey rules most households here, but not ours. We've had this passion since we were kids, and it never wavered," describe Courtside's operators on their storefront signage (called hoarding). 

"Basketball is the greatest game because it's welcoming," adds Courtside. "And that's the spirit of the game Courtside will embody."

What's expected at the 1,950-square-foot space is not just all things b-ball, but also great beers (check out the pun on "Patrick Brewing") including in buckets, along with food. 

More specifics haven't been revealed, but V.I.A. has reached out to Courtside to get more info. 

It's unclear what the plan is for Saola; the restaurant's last Instagram post is from Nov. 2020, but the bio indicates the restaurant was or is planning a 2022 debut. The Main Street location, however, is not theirs anymore. This wasn't the first change-up for what was in store there, either. Before Saola was announced for 2415 Main St, the thought was that the space would end up being the new home of Fayuca, the onetime Yaletown upscale modern Mexican restaurant that closed down in spring 2019

Courtside isn't ready for tip-off, but we'll keep you posted. Looks like they're aiming to be in the paint this summer. You can follow them @courtsidebar for updates.