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Crunch time: New spot offering 'sushi tacos' launches in Vancouver

The flavours of sushi served up in a crispy, crunchy deep-fried seaweed "taco" shell 🍣 + 🌮
Sushi tacos from Taco Nori, a new take-out only concept that has recently launched in Vancouver

From the stalls of the Richmond Night Market to a new take-out restaurant in Vancouver, a popular "sushi taco" concept has taken off.

Taco Nori is meshing the flavours and textures of sushi with the handheld glory that is the taco with its menu of "sushi tacos." The shell in this case is seaweed - nori - deep-fried in the shape of a taco shell, all crispy and crunchy and ready to be loaded up with sushi rice and seafood, like salmon, ahi tuna, or imitation crab, with sauces and toppings. 

Fans of spicy tuna or salmon sushi or classic California rolls will see those same sushi bar staples translated into portable crunch-able sushi tacos.

Sides at Taco Nori include things like chicken karaage, tempura-battered nori "chips," and takoyaki.

The business began as the stand Nori Express at the Richmond Night Market, but now the two best friends behind the brand have shifted to offering their sushi tacos permanently as Taco Nori in Vancouver.

Taco Nori has just had its soft launch and is taking orders online for pick-up in Vancouver at 118 West 6th Avenue.