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Follow the patty paths: Here's how to help pick Vancouver's best burgers this October

Octoburgerfest was designed for the city's biggest burger lovers. 🍔
The Bistro Burger at Red Wagon in Vancouver is a thing of beauty. Could it be a contender for Octoburgerfest this year in Vancouver?

If chasing down eight burgers during October wasn't enough, how about 24?

This year, the burger aficionados at the Real Beef Buddies are tripling last year's month-long celebration of Vancouver's best burgers - Octoburgerfest - with three ways to sate your hot meat on bun needs (as in, the meat is heated, not the other interpretation).

They've created three of what they're calling "patty paths," or groupings of burgers to conquer, sorted by type: smashburgers, classics, and fancy burgers. 

Participants can eat their way through one or more of the "patty paths" then rate the burgers and help the Real Beef Buddies name the top burger in Vancouver.

Specific burgers haven't been named yet, but we do know what to expect within each category: The trendy smashburger variant will look to the simple, crispier ground beef sandwiches; the classics will focus on the dependable, straightforward style; and fancies will be for those with premium toppings and a certain elegance uncommon among other burgers.

"We invite you to help us discover this year’s best burger on each path by getting out there and enjoying a great burg with your buds – and then casting your votes!" say the Real Beef Buddies on their site.

The names of the 24 burgers on the three paths will be released Oct. 1.