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Watch: Trying Korean hot dogs for the first time

Not your average hot dog on a stick!
Korean hot dogs, aka rice dogs, are hot dogs or cheese (or both) deep fried with fun toppings and sauces.

Have you ever had a Korean hot dog on a stick? Also known as "rice dogs" - thanks to getting a coating made with a rice flour batter - the deep-fried hot dogs (or cheese sticks, or both) are like a next-level corn dog.

In Vancouver, Korean global franchise Chung Chun has been operating since November 2020 on Robson Street, and added a Richmond location as a follow-up not long after. 

What makes a Korean rice dog special? It's thanks to some fun extras, like having the exterior decked out in crunchy ramen noodles or chunks of potato or sweet potato. Plus, you can opt to get your hot dog dressed up in multiple sauces, from teriyaki to sweet mayo or even good old fashioned ketchup. You can also have them sprinkle on flavour boost toppings like a butter-garlic powder, or even sugar, which Chung Chun says enhances the taste of the hot dog.

Check out our taste-drive of these fun rice dogs:

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