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New soccer-themed Italian cafe-restaurant opens in East Vancouver

There's new life in a familiar old space on Commercial Drive.

There's new life in a familiar old space on Commercial Drive thanks to Caffe Soccavo, which opened its doors at the very end of July in Vancouver's historic Little Italy community.

Located in the space previously occupied by Abruzzo Cappucino Bar (also a soccer-forward coffee haunt for locals), Caffe Soccavo is now offering a refreshed vibe along with coffee and pastries, sandwiches, pizza, and salads from morning to later at night.

The day-to-night Caffe Soccavo is from the same crew who brought Vancouver popular East Vancouver spots like Via Tevere and Main Street's Pizzeria Grano, as well as downtown's Il Saltimbocca food truck. To that end, you can expect to find the truck's same wood-fired sandwiches on offer at the new Caffe Soccavo.

The restaurant, which is open Mondays and Wednesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and weekends from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., is also working with local Vancouver businesses, like Casa del Caffé for their coffee and Steve's Gourmet Foods for baked goods like croissants. They've already got a lock on great pizza, with Via Tevere and Straight Outta Brooklyn pizzerias in the "family" of restaurants, and at Soccavo they've got it available in slices, pies, or squares. 

When it comes to soccer, Soccavo also has lots of action on the go. "Caffè Soccavo will be your headquarters for Premier League, Serie A and Champions League games. We’ll keep you posted on IG and in house all season long," shares the business on Instagram. They also do "Soccer Saturday" kicking things off first thing in the morning once the doors are open with all-day action. 

Caffe Soccavo is located at 1321 Commercial Dr in Vancouver. Follow them on Instagram @soccavoyvr.