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Octoburgerfest: New way to try Vancouver's best burgers reveals all 24 'Patty Path' stops

Have some bun fun!
The Pourhouse burger is one of the featured burgers on the Fancies list by Real Beef Buddies. Photo courtesy Pourhouse

It's October and with that comes Octoburgerfest this year.

The month-long ode to fun on a bun comes from the Real Beef Buddies, who've hacked and slashed their way through Vancouver's food jungle to create three burger paths for followers to explore. That's triple last year!

The three "patty paths" take eaters to 24 different restaurants who've created finely tuned burgers. Each path follows a different style: The Smashes (smash burgers), The Classics, and The Fancies.

Participants can eat their way through one or more of the "patty paths" then rate the burgers and help the Real Beef Buddies name the top burger in Vancouver.

As of today, Oct. 1 they've released their selections.

The Smashes

  1. Bells and Whistles: Royale with Cheese
  2. Between 2 Buns: Cheeseburger
  3. Brewhall: Cheeseburger
  4. Burgerland Smashup: Classic Cheese
  5. Mimi’s Burgers: Mimi’s Cheeseburger
  6. Pigot’s Burger Club: Cheeseburger
  7. Red Wagon Cafe: Bash Burger
  8. The Whip: Whip Smash Burger

The Classics

  1. The Cannibal Café: American Classic
  2. DownLow Burgers: The Americana
  3. The Ellis: Ellis Burger
  4. Fable Diner: Main Street Burger
  5. Linh Café: Burger
  6. Popina Canteen: Grass-Fed BC Cheeseburger
  7. The Magnet: Magnet Burger
  8. Storm Crow: Gamma Burger

The Fancies

  1. Au Comptoir: Burger Maison Frites
  2. Gotham Steakhouse & Bar: Gotham Bacon Cheddar Burger (LUNCH ONLY)
  3. Hawksworth Restaurant: Hawksworth Classic Burger
  4. Per Se Social Corner: The Burger
  5. Pourhouse: The Pourhouse Burger
  6. The Victor: Brant Lake Wagyu Burger
  7. The Red Accordion: TRA Burger
  8. Five Sails: Five Sails Burger (LUNCH ONLY)