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'Let the mad science continue!': Vancouver brewery re-opens after 'clerical error' caused temporary closure

Being "unexpectedly closed for a couple [of] weeks is tough for any small business in Vancouver."
Vancouver's Storm Brewing is open again as of May 17, 2024, following a three-week closure due to a licensing issue.

It's been a tempestuous few weeks for Vancouver's Storm Brewing, after a "clerical error" led to its temporary closure at the end of April.

At the time, Storm shared that the irreverent craft beer spot, which has been brewing for 30 years, could possibly be closed for several weeks.

On May 17, Storm announced it was once again open for business.  

"Let the mad science continue!" the brewery declared.

"We just got word that our licensing issues have been resolved and we are back in business just in time for the weekend."

Though Storm did not go into detail about the issue that took them offline for three weeks, the brewery shared that "human error" on its end led to a "licensing oversight." 

Storm Brewing is one of the oldest craft beer makers in B.C. Since it opened in 1994, it's been influential on the city's craft beer scene, which is now well-known internationally. The brewery and tasting room at 310 Commercial Dr is considered a fixture in the area dubbed "Yeast Van."

Many locals know Storm not only for its lineup of beers, including several with intriguing flavours like Vanilla Rose Ale or Chocolate Passion Fruit Stou, but also for its mural.

Last summer, Vancouver city staff initially told the brewery it was going to have to paint over its mural, which had been up for a decade. City council intervened and the mural is now protected.

Being "unexpectedly closed for a couple [of] weeks is tough for any small business in Vancouver," said Storm Brewing Thursday, asking for news of its immediate reopening to be shared "near and far."

"Thanks again for your support and to everyone who helped us reach a speedy reopening!"

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