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Vancouver's new crêpe and cider restaurant is ready to open

Get ready to say bonjour to this exciting new spot!
Ça Marche Crêperie is a new French restaurant specializing in crêpes and cider.

Vancouver is soon to be home to a brand-new French restaurant that's all about sweet and savoury crêpes and pours of crisp cider.

Called Ça Marche Crêperie, the new spot is located in the Vancouver House development's burgeoning "restaurant row" and has set its opening day for Saturday, Nov. 6, according to its Instagram account.

The new venture comes from esteemed local restaurateur Maxime Bettili, owner of Kitsilano's enduring French bistro Au Comptoir.

Ça Marche will offer traditional crêpes inspired by those from France's Brittany region, as well as local cider, in what the restaurant describes as "a contemporary atmosphere."

What distinguishes Brittany crêpes from any ol' crêpes? The folks at Brittany Tourism - who, are, obviously big crêpe enthusiasts - explain as follows: "In Lower Brittany crêpes are made with either wheat flour or buckwheat (sometimes still called sarrasin), but in Upper Brittany the buckwheat pancake is savoury and called a galette.  After that it all depends on the thickness of the batter, the mixing of the flour, the cook’s know-how and some very well-kept secrets."

Ça Marche has been sharing some glimpses of its menu offerings, as well as the interiors, offering a tantalizing hint at what's to come when the doors officially open soon.

The new crêperie joins a stellar line-up of restaurants up and running at Vancouver House already, including a branch of Autostrada Osteria and the recently-opened Linh Café

Ça Marche Crêperie is located at 1408 Continental St, Vancouver