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Video: Taking on the epic 3-foot hot dog and other outrageous eats at Nat Bailey Stadium

Plus: Vegetarian options and local touches on the menu
The Yard Dog is a 3-foot-long hot dog available at Nat Bailey Stadium during Vancouver Canadians games

If you hadn't noticed, V.I.A. is low-key obsessed with the Vancouver Canadians (we even have local comedian Ryan Beil writing a weekly column on the subject!) but for those who identify most with the "buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack" part of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," it's time for us to talk about the food.

Stadium eats is a category of its own in the unwritten pyramid of foods. These dishes have to have mass appeal, hit the right nostalgic triggers, and be portable. So the stadium is home turf to hot dogs, fries, and nachos, naturally.

The concessions at Nat Bailey Stadium - home of the Vancouver Canadians - are squarely within the realm of this kind of fare, but the folks in charge have managed to work in some very awesome Vancouver details along with some epic and exciting eats.

Let's talk hot dogs

First up, when it comes to hot dogs, the bases aren't merely covered, they are loaded. In addition to classic dogs, Nat Bailey has a couple of noteworthy options. While it's not new, no matter how many times you've been to the ballpark in Vancouver, when someone is carrying the epic three-foot-long 'Yard Dog' hot dog through the stands to their seat, you're going to take notice. 

The good thing about the Yard Dog is that it is also a really good hot dog that's juicy and has a nice snap. Plus, it divides up quite nicely for sharing; it's up to you if you want to do your condiment application uniform or if everyone claims their section.

Food at Nat Bailey Stadium: Vegetarian options, special items

For the non-meat eaters, a ballpark visit can mean being relegated to snacks and sides. And, sure thing, Nat Bailey has those in spades (see: fries, nachos, mini donuts). But they also make a veggie hot dog with great flavour and texture that fits the bill, too.

The Canadians also put a little friendly competition on the menu (in addition to on the diamond) in the form of duelling sandwiches, with rotating creations to represent visiting teams. This is how you'll come to see a classic Philly Cheesesteak face off against a Cubano, piled high with pork, pickles, and mustard (this one will duel with your face, but you will win, and it will be delicious).

When it comes to those Vancouver touches, however, take note: In addition to Nat's burgers, pretzels, and chicken strips, you'll find sushi in the stands. Because at a game where one of the main attractions is the mid-game mascot "sushi races," well, the concessions folks are happy to oblige. 

And on items like their Tot-tine - a tater tot poutine decked out with pulled pork, cheese curds, gravy, green onions, and Carolina Gold BBQ sauce, the pork is from Vancouver food truck Rosie's BBQ, known for its incredible smoked meats with big flavours. You're going to need a fork for this one, and a solid strategy for holding it while you sit, cheer, and sip a beer (or lemonade, cider, or pop), but this is killer fuel for root, root, rooting for the home team. 

Have a look at V.I.A.'s game day eats experience cheering on the C's at Nat Bailey Stadium:

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