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Watch: Where to find that viral 'butter board' in Vancouver

A local restaurant is serving up this trendy (and tasty) platter for a limited time only
Have you heard of a "Butter Board"? It's a new food trend that's gone viral on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. If you don't want to make one yourself, you can head to The Belgard Kitchen in Vancouver to try one out.

We owe a lot of our food trends to the ever-changing, ever-buzzy realm of TikTok - it's why everyone was baking bricks of feta with cherry tomatoes then stirring in pasta or why you may have heard of drinks like "Dirty Diet Coke," the hilariously inaccurate "Healthy" Coke, or Dalgona Coffee. Now we have the social media platform to thank for the latest food craze: Butter Boards.

What's a butter board? Pretty simple: Butter, often kicked up with herbs or flavourings like lemon, is spread onto a board and served with bread or veggies (or both) and then you choose your own slathering adventure. It's a little "extra" to schmear your butter out onto a board rather than serve it in a ramekin or as a log or stick, but it's also a lot of fun to have this visually-appealing share platter as a conversation piece and interactive eating experience. 

Where to find a butter board in Vancouver

If you don't want to whip and spread your own butter on a board but still want to give this trendy dish a try, you'll want to head to Vancouver's Belgard Kitchen ASAP. The Railtown restaurant, known for its easygoing vibes, and a menu of beer, wine, and approachable fare, has hopped on board the "Butter Board" trend and has just released its iteration of the dish. 

Belgard's #butterboard is made with lemon-herb whipped butter, spread like cake frosting on a wooden board, topped with pickled snap peas and thinly sliced candy-striped beets and radish, a drizzle of red wine reduction, and a welcome sprinkling of flaky salt. Paired with toasty shreds of house-made bread, the appetizer is on offer right now for $19, and would be the perfect way to kick off a meal out. 

But if you want to get on board with this trend, don't delay. Belgard says it will only have the dish "until this butter mania 'melts' away." And knowing how fast social media likes to shift gears on trends, it might not be long. 

We checked out the Butter Board at Belgard. Take a look: 

@forkingawesomevia We found a #butterboard in #vancouverbc and it’s #forkingawesome 🧈🧈🧈@lindsaywilliamross @vancouverisawesome ♬ Unholy - Sam Smith & Kim Petras

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