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Watch: Trying the Everything Bagel Donut at one of Vancouver's top treat shops

A donut that tastes like an Everything Bagel with cream cheese? Yep, we've got that in Vancouver.
The Everything Bagel Donut is the perfect balance of savoury and sweet. The Korean-style brioche donut with a light, creamy chive cream cheese filling is available from Mello's two Vancouver donut shop locations

Mello is one of Vancouver's favourite modern donut shops, featuring a line-up of donuts, including their signature fluffy brioche Korean-style donuts filled with a generous quantity of whipped cream filling. 

While the shop has long been known for its strawberries and cream donut and other flavour creations like cereal milk (with a crunchy sugar-dusted cereal coating) or tiramisu, they have a bit of a cult following for their donut inspired by a classic bagel.

Mello's Everything Bagel Donut is loaded with a chive cream cheese filling and the seedy, garlicky "everything" seasoning you know and love on the donut's exterior. The result is a shockingly balanced treat that perfectly straddles the line between sweet and savoury.

Though it is a bit of a novelty item - and not always on the menu at either Mello locations (223 E Pender St and 4635 Arbutus St) - it is not a stunt donut. If you're looking for a donut fix or absolutely need an everything bagel with cream cheese, Mello's Everything Bagel Donut won't exclusively satisfy either craving, mind you - it more so kind of invents its own category that you didn't realize needed fulfilling. It's pretty forking awesome.

And when it comes to their other flavours, well...there's a reason why Mello is so popular. Their filled brioche donuts are fantastic. 

Video: Tasting the Everything Bagel Donut at Mello

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