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Anti-vaccine passport protesters, PPC candidates promise weekly rallies on Cambie Street (PHOTOS)

They came back

Another Wednesday, another rally involving anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, anti-vaccination passport protesters, and the People's Party of Canada.

The group gathered in front of city hall, blocking off Cambie Street on the afternoon of Sept. 8, and promised to be back for future Wednesday rallies.

The rally was significantly smaller than last week's similar rally, which drew a few thousand into the streets between Vancouver General Hospital, city hall, and the Cambie Street Bridge; estimates suggest fewer than 500 showed up for the sequel.

While the impetus for the rally was the incoming BC Vaccine Card program, participants had a variety of messages, from anti-Chinese government slogans to others suggesting horse medicine Ivermectin could cure COVID-19 to signs comparing the vaccine passport to the holocaust. An anti-trans activist also wandered the area.

Of note was the large People's Party of Canada presence, relative to the crowd size. Multiple PPC candidates took to the microphone offered by anti-mask activist Vladislav Sobolev, and called for a purple wave.

The rally wound down with a march across the Cambie Street Bridge. Vancouver police say no arrests occurred.