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Are you missing your tubas? The police want to speak with you.

The instruments 'appear to be vintage, from the 1940s or 50s,' police said
Vancouver Police missing vintage tubas
Vancouver Police are searching for the owners of these tubas that were seized as part of an investigation last month.
It's not uncommon for missing possessions—lost wallets, for instance— to wind up in the care of the Vancouver Police Department. 

But once in a while, those missing possessions are a little more unique. 

In the event that you somehow managed to overlook the fact that two heavy brass instruments are missing from your possessions, or if you've been searching high and low for your prized tubas, the Vancouver police are looking to get in touch with you. 

The department posted a callout to Twitter on Friday, June 11, in an effort to reunite a pair of missing tubas with their rightful owner(s). 

According to police, officials seized the instruments last month during an investigation. "They appear to be vintage, from the 1940s or 50s," police explained.

If the tubas belong to you, or even if you just recognize them, police ask you to call 604-717-2726 and quote file number 21-76858.