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Beaver spotted playing in ocean at Vancouver beach

This isn't the first time these cute critters have been seen around the city.
A beaver was spotted playing in the ocean at Kitsilano beach in Vancouver, B.C.

It's a beach day for this cute critter. 

A Vancouver resident snapped a photo of a beaver at Kitsilano beach Saturday (March 25) morning. 

The adorable animal is seen waddling along the shore, enjoying the push and pull of the waves.

This isn't the first time locals spotted a beaver wandering through the city. The furry brown creatures were seen ambling through a Kitsilano neighbourhood, downtown Vancouver, and even stopping by local gift shop

There's even another Metro Vancouver critter that looks almost exactly like a beaver, but isn't. 

However, the beachside beaver may be facing a serious health concern as ingesting too much ocean water could result in saltwater poisoning and potential death for the critter.

A resident who spotted the beaver tells V.I.A. that the animal was stumbling and seemed in distress. It eventually returned into the water.

Locals who spot beavers near bodies of salt water should report them to Critter Care Wildlife Society online or by calling 604-530-2064.