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A bed in someone's Vancouver living room is being rented for $900

Whoever moves in can't be too worried about privacy

People are continuing to find unusual ways to make their housing more affordable in Vancouver.

For one person in the city's West End that means they're renting a bed in the living room. To rent said bed is $900 per month.

In photos from the Facebook Marketplace ad, the bed is in the middle of the living room, which appears to still be a common area in the apartment, with a TV on one side, facing the bed (which may be a couch that folds into a bed), and a dart board set up.

There are also huge windows and a deck just above street level all along one wall, which some may find hinders the amount of privacy one might seek in a bedroom.

The rest of the apartment, on Pendrell Street, appears to be a typical one-bedroom apartment for the area; the washroom and kitchen are pictured.

The ad offers up few details, though WiFi and parking are included in the $900 rent.