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Check out this crazy augmented reality mural in downtown Vancouver

The ‘Blob House’ is the largest and most complex installation for this year’s special winter edition of the Vancouver Mural Festival
Blob House
The Vancouver Mural Festival's 'Blob House' the most complex augmented reality exhibit.

Vancouver’s most complex augmented reality art exhibit has been unveiled at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

To the naked eye of people walking past the art gallery, nothing would appear out of the ordinary. For those who know about the Vancouver Mural Festival’s winter exhibits though, they have the know-how to witness the fantastical, interactive, augmented reality installation that is the ‘Blob House.’

According to the Vancouver Mural Festival, the 8’x8’x8’ house-shaped installation features four interactive walls which offer a unique augmented reality experience from each side.

The installation’s creator, an extended reality architecture studio called iheartblob explained the meaning behind this piece in an artist statement shared by the VMF.

“‘Blob House investigates the role of AR within the architectural discipline, and provokes users to consider the future of space as a hybrid of both digital and physical forms,” the statement reads. “If we extend our reality by articulating physical objects with digital overlays, we can create a new visual language for architecture that integrates the dynamics of movement, interaction and perception into the static of the status quo.”

To view the ‘Blob House’ and other augmented reality installations by VMF Winter Arts, just download the VMF mobile app the digital map, links for which are both available on VMF’s website. QR codes will be on signs at the sites where the murals are located and to see exhibits, simply scan them with your phone’s camera. From there, select Instagram or Facebook to activate the filter.