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Don't worry, the English Bay Barge isn't going anywhere today

Or for at least a couple of days
Barge and its friend Crane who came over for a couple of visits Dec. 8.

While passersby and those live-streaming English Bay video straight into their eyes have noticed activity around the English Bay Barge Dec. 8, the city says those aren't removal efforts.

At least twice Wednesday a crane has been spotted near the grounded floating trailer/inadvertent piece of industrial-strength art.

Many speculated that the large barge would be pulled off the rocks in some way, but the city says that's not so.

"The City can confirm the activity around the barge is not a removal effort," the City of Vancouver told Vancouver Is Awesome via email.

Plans to remove the barge have been made but have to be reviewed by the Ministry of Transportation; they got the plans on Monday. In an email to V.I.A.,  the ministry says those plans came from the owner's representative and have been shared with the city, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, and Canadian Coast Guard.

People will notice activity at the barge in advance of it being moved, though.

"In the coming days the barge will be assessed and repaired as needed in preparation for its removal," says the City. "The barge doesn’t pose a safety risk to the public, however the City is asking as a precaution that the public and people on the seawall keep a safe distance from the barge and abide by the signage and barriers in the area."

Security is at the site 24/7 to keep people in order, being paid for by the City right now. It's in talks with the insurance company and owner about who's paying for that in the long run.

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