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Here's what we know about moving day for the English Bay Barge

There is a plan.
The barge is awesome

On Dec. 6 people and media (who are people, too) lined up at Sunset Beach, ready for the departure of the grounded English Bay barge.

Much like Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone's vault, not much happened.

Soon they dispersed, which was a good thing, because according to a tweet from the City of Vancouver there is still work being done to finalize the removal of the Barge from Sunset Beach. No date is currently set, suggesting barges may move faster than bureaucracy.

"We continue to work with @transport_gc to finalize the recovery plan for the barge at Sunset Beach," states the city in the tweet.

It's been beached on a Vancouver beach since Nov. 15. One attempt to move it was made on Nov. 16.

Transport Canada is the federal agency in charge of all types of federally regulated transportation in Canada; that includes marine transportation.

Dec. 6 was originally suggested for the removal date as higher tides were expected that day than in recent weeks by a significant amount. Those heights are beginning to wane now, though will remain similar for a few days. That'll shift next week and high tides as high as they are now won't return until the new year.

The city says the plan is taking time due to the complexity of the situation, thanks to the size and location of the barge.

"Transport Canada has received and is reviewing the plan," a spokesperson told V.I.A. by email. "Once the plan has been finalized, the owner of the vessel will take appropriate actions to ensure that the barge is removed safely from its current location. Timing of the removal is to be confirmed."

Many locals are hoping it sticks around for awhile.

The Coast Guard is hands-off at this point in regards to the barge.

"The Canadian Coast Guard is not involved with the barge at this time. The federal responsibility for this barge has now shifted over to Transport Canada, which is working with the barge owner and its insurer on a plan," says a spokesperson in an email to Vancouver is Awesome.



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