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You can get fined $500 for feeding the Jericho bunnies

They won't have any chocolate eggs for you, but they may get you a fine.
Jericho Beach Bunny
Don't feed or touch the Jericho Beach bunnies!

As Easter rounds the corner, here's a friendly reminder that touching or feeding the Jericho bunnies is not only bad for them but can get you a fine of $500.

The Vancouver Park Board is asking the public to admire the local fluffballs from afar, as touching or feeding them can harm both the bunnies and the public. 

Though bunnies are often kept as pets, the Jericho bunnies are actually an invasive species; a feral rabbit population that has grown from domestic pets that have escaped or been released into the wild, including Easter bunnies bought as gifts.

"Not only does this contribute to the negative impacts of feral rabbits in the park but it leaves domestic animals frightened, malnourished and vulnerable to a huge range of harmful consequences including traffic accidents, predators and disease," writes a Vancouver Park Board press release.

While touching or trying to pick up a wild bunny can get you bitten, scratched, or left with a parasite or deadly disease, feeding wildlife - which is prohibited across all Vancouver parks and beaches - can get you on the hook for a fine of up to $500. 


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