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These friends launched a creative dance party in Vancouver (VIDEO)

Now, however, the friends are utilizing virtual platforms to get their party fix.
Photo: VYVE / YouTube

Famous for their "party anywhere," feel-good events, VYVE, the group formerly known as Party4Health, isn't letting the COVID-19 pandemic stop them from spreading positive energy and having fun.

Earlier this month, the local group of sober-party enthusiasts threw a massive virtual dance party for islolated individuals across the Lower Mainland. Following the successful night, the party pals opened started an online discotheque and fun club: QuaranTEAM Disco

Now, VYVE has a launched a video encouraging people to take part in a "live dance challenge to keep the quarantine blues at bay. All people are asked to do is "dance like the fate of humanity" is depending on it, and then nominate their friends to do the same. 

The video also shows 14 of the friends dressed in "hazmat-esqe" attire during a downtown event. However, the video does state that it is no longer safe to do these type of events outdoors. 

"It is more important than ever to stay connected to our communities, spread joy and positivity with one another, and dance for our mental health. We have the capacity to do this virtually,"  remarks group founder, Jacques Martiquet.

Organizers state that the group's digital dance parties are facilitated, "in a fashion that makes everyone feel unified, joyful, unchained, and loving." Moreover, they say the experience will allow particpiants to "feel like a new person" and to feel "safe to dance like an idiot." 

Known for having parties all over the Lower Mainland - from Vancouver International Airport to the SkyTrain to the Lion's Gate Bridge - it makes sense that VYVE is flexible with it's festive arrangements. 

Have a look at their video, entitled, "Coronavirus can't stop us from partying."

VYVE, the group formerly known as Party4Health, strives to provide opportunities for people to engage with one another in a “party” atmosphere – minus the toxic social norms associated with conventional partying. Martiquet states that, "We get high off human connection, not drugs and alcohol."