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The 10 most popular V.I.A. stories of 2022

Two tiny rooms, one Swiss Village, several chemical-laced shoes, and a Canucks player who ruined all the chemistry.
A tiny room for rent, an entire Swiss Village for sale in B.C., and a U.S. burger chain that snuck out of the Vancouver restaurant scene were among our most-read stories of 2022

What do tiny Vancouver rental units, people wearing hazmat suits, dangerous shoes, unsuccessful chain restaurants, and an entire Swiss Village in a remote part of B.C. have in common?

Easy. They were among the subjects represented in what were the most-read stories on Vancouver Is Awesome in 2022. 

How many of these moments from the year that was on V.I.A. do you remember? Let's count them down.

10. This absolutely tiny 'half room' is available to rent in Vancouver

The tiny rental we found listed online back in early April was a room just wide enough for what appears to be a twin-sized mattress to fit flush against each side of the narrow space. While the room was called a den, it had a sliding glass door on one side and a window to the outside on at least two other walls. Bonus: drawers!

A total area wasn't provided, but a twin bed covered about 20 square feet and the bed appeared to fill the majority of the space. 

9. You can rent a $800 room in Downtown Vancouver as long as you're not scared of heights

One month later in the online rental listings was this gem: a solarium in a downtown Vancouver highrise overlooking the International Village.

In a curved room big enough (barely) for a twin bed and a small dresser there were floor-to-ceiling windows with amazing views of the area, looking out over Gastown and to the Port of Vancouver. Quite the draw if you don't mind the drawbacks. 

8. Safety alert: Canada-wide recall of shoes due to 'chemical hazard'

Safety first! In early November, Health Canada warned putting on this style of Clarks-brand shoes could expose wearers to the chemical benzidine or dimethoxybenzidine. Yikes! (You still aren't wearing them, right?)

7. Safety alert: Canada-wide recall for oral rinse due to 'microbial contamination'

Way back at the start of 2022, health officials in Canada were warning mouthwash users one brand's product could contain the presence of the microorganism Klebsiella pneumonia. Shudder.

6. This is why travellers may see people wearing hazmat suits at YVR airport

Some travellers shared their sightings of people wearing hazmat suits and face shields at Vancouver's YVR airport in October, expressing uncertainty about what might be going on. 

5. CTA issues ruling on if Flair Airlines can continue flying in Canada

The agency announced June that the Canadian carrier meets the criterion to qualify as "Canadian" as per the Canada Transportation Act. In mid-April, news broke that the airline may be forced to cease its operations because it did not meet the conditions to qualify as "Canadian owned" — at least  51 per cent of a company's voting interests must be owned and controlled by Canadians and no more than 25 per cent of the voting interests may be by any single non-Canadian entity or individual.

4. 584-acre B.C. property with one mile of oceanfront listed for $595,000

We brought your attention to this unique property on the market back in March. The catch was that it was remote. Really remote.

3. Kevin Bieksa says a player ‘ruined all our chemistry’ — who was it?

Speaking from experience, the Vancouver Canucks' Bieksa suggested in March that making a big trade isn't always the best idea for a good team.

2. Entire Swiss-themed village for sale in B.C.

Warm up the cheese fondue!

1. American burger chain leaves Western Canada after closing all its Vancouver locations

Johnny Rockets, we hardly knew ye.