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This absolutely tiny 'half room' is available to rent in Vancouver (PHOTO)

Someone can rent the tiny space for $500

With Vancouver's rental market as tight as it is, there have been more than a few tiny or unusual rooms spotted online.

In this case, it's a "den/half room" in Marpole.

The tiny rental is just wide enough for what appears to be a twin-sized mattress to fit flush against each side of the narrow space. While the room is called a den, it has a sliding glass door on one side and window to the outside on at least two other walls. The ad notes there is a chest of drawers as well.

A total area isn't provided, but a twin bed covers about 20 square feet and the bed appears to fill the majority of the space.

The private space may be small, but the rest of the apartment is more typical for Vancouver.

In the write-up for the rental unit, which has been on Craigslist for a couple of weeks, the poster says they're asking for $500 for the space, plus wi-fi and electrical costs.

"(It's) for people with few personal things or who are arriving in Vancouver," they write. "You share kitchen, bathroom and living room."