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People are turning out in droves to ogle cherry blossoms in Vancouver (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

People can't get enough of the delicate blossoms.
Videos on social media show people flocking in droves to cherry blossom-lined streets and parks in Metro Vancouver this spring. 

Videos on social media show people flocking in droves to cherry blossom-lined streets and parks in Metro Vancouver this spring. 

While there are some less populated viewing locations, others are swarming with eager cherry blossom aficionados. 

And one of them is located right outside of Vancouver designer LeLe Chan's front door. 

Chan, who runs the popular Instagram account @cherryblossommadness, has been showcasing the spirit of "cherry blossom madness" since 2016. From people climbing up the flowering trees to capture sky-high shots to women dressed in extravagant costumes to even a newly observed "zombie walk" video, there are countless unique photoshoots taking place outside of her home during cherry blossom season.

But Chan's front yard isn't the only place that people congregate to in the Lower Mainland to capture selfies in front of pastel petals.

Metro Vancouverites are sharing multiple videos and photos to social media of people gathering near the blossoms on streets and in parks. And while they may only visit these areas solo or with a friend or two, numerous other people have the same idea. 

In some videos, dozens of people gather beneath the pillowy canopies of power pink blooms, while other footage shows a traffic jam on a street that is home to several of the flowering trees. 

Cherry blossoms on Graveley 🤩🌸 from r/vancouver

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How to enjoy the beautiful blooms safely

Linda Poole, Founder and Artistic Creative Director of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, tells Vancouver Is Awesome in an interview that cherry blossom admirers may visit the festival's website for tips on how to safely enjoy the blooms. 

"There's tons of space under our cherry blossoms. Wear a mask when you are outside," she explains, adding that the festival will be releasing a film later this month that will showcase the most beautiful Vancouver blooms to the world. 

The festival is an annual celebration of cherry blossoms inspired by the age-old Japanese cultural tradition of hanami or flower viewing. This year’s event offers several ways to safely take part in interactive and artful ways using drone footage as well as photography and haiku contests.

Also included in the festival is the Soundwalk Dance, created by artistic producer, Desiree Dunbar, and presented by the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association. The VCBF invites you to put in your earbuds and discover the beauty of cherry trees in a whole new way with prompts and music.

Have a look at some more pictures of the beautiful power-pink blossoms. 


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--With files from Cameron Thomson.