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Drone footage reveals exactly what's inside the English Bay Barge (PHOTOS)

A bird's-eye view of what's in there

Professional photographer and amateur drone operator Tom Kwok has offered a look inside the barge that's up on the rocks at Sunset Beach in Vancouver.

Using a DJI Mavic Mini drone, Kwok was able to hover over the barge and shoot directly into the thing, revealing its contents and sharing them to his Instagram account @cktkwok.

As we previously reported, the barge is technically empty. However Kwok's photos offer a glimpse at the remnants of what was once inside - wood chips. It's a chip barge.

Kwok tells Vancouver Is Awesome that he was "very lucky" that the sun was setting when he visited, making for the dramatic lighting effect you see in them.

The photos were shot on Friday, Nov. 19, during his first visit to see temporary fixture. He says he was inspired to shoot it as it's "pretty rare to have something like this happen," and that he thought it would be nice to have photographs to look back on after the barge has been moved off the beach.

In terms of how long far away that is, a spokesperson for the owner of the barge, Sentry Marine Towing, tells V.I.A. that "it's very unlikely for anything to happen until the 6th of December," so you've got plenty of time to make it down and see this soon-to-be-gone addition to the seawall in real life.

With files from Cameron Thomson and Brendan Kergin