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Vancouver's barge on the beach is staying put a little longer

It's not public art, but it'll be on display for a couple more weeks
The barge is awesome - and it's going to be around a little longer on those rocks at Sunset Beach

For Team Barge there's some good news, after this weekend's high tide the barge in English Bay remained.

And it'll stay there for a couple of weeks more says Sentry Marine Towing, the company that owns the barge.

"I can tell you it's very unlikely for anything to happen until the 6th of December," a spokesperson for the company told Vancouver Is Awesome Monday.

That's because there's a king tide expected Dec. 6. A king tide is a much higher tide than usual, thanks to the sun and the moon working together to yank all of earth's water to one side.

The extra height will help float the barge off the rocks it's currently stuck on.

"Mother Nature put it there and we need Mother Nature to give us a hand getting it off," says the spokesperson.

He adds that Sentry is currently working with several government agencies to coordinate everything.

It arrived at its current address when high winds and a high tide coincided on Monday, Nov. 15 to push it nearly into the seawall at Sunset Beach. A tug tried to move it the next day, but the barge wouldn't budge.

The barge is currently empty; it's normally used to haul wood chips.