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These people were dressed as 'Pee and Poo' at the PNE in Vancouver

This raises so many questions.

Two unforgettable Vancouver mascots made a splash on the opening day of the Fair at the PNE over the weekend. 

While they might look more like they belong on an episode of South Park, Poo, a person dressed as a giant turd, and Pee, a person dressed as a massive droplet of pee, are the official mascots for Metro Vancouver's "Unflushables" campaign

The cartoonish toilet cuties were spotted Saturday (Aug. 20) at the PNE, greeting delighted onlookers and providing information about the "Unflushables" campaign. They also played some rounds of "toilet toss."

Now in its fourth year, the "Unflushables" campaign strives to promote awareness of what shouldn't get flushed down the toilet — and what's OK to go down. 

What's OK to flush?

Only the dynamic brown and yellow duo, Pee and Poo, should get the flush, underscores the campaign. 

Pee and Poo greet guests at the Fair at the PNE 2022 

While Pee and Poo might raise eyebrows, the Metro Vancouver Showcase offers other exhibits for folks to check out, too. You can grab some popcorn and catch a "Metro Movie" or find out what your "Superhabit" is on its photo wall. 

The showcase will also feature an air quality exhibit and a pop-up park. 

In 2019, Pee and Poo hit the road for a "summer tour" where the potty pair informed people across the Lower Mainland about top-tier toilet habits on a multi-stop itinerary. 

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