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All the times Ryan Reynolds proved he’s a huge John Candy fan

Including a 'Deadpool' easter egg🤫
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Ryan Reynolds revealed on Oct. 10, 2022, that he's working on a new documentary with Colin Hanks on the life and legacy of late Canadian comedy actor John Candy. @vancityreynolds/Instagram

Ryan Reynolds revealed that a new documentary following the life and legacy of the late Canadian comedy actor, John Candy, is in the works.

The Vancouver-born actor shared on Twitter on Oct. 10 that he's working on the documentary through his production company, Maximum Effort, with Colin Hanks. "Expect tears," he writes. 

But this isn't the first time that Reynolds has shown he's a Candy fan.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Reynolds chimed into conversations surrounding the future of Canadian currency. Among suggestions of Terry Fox and Gord Downie, Reynolds voted for John Candy to star on the $20 bill.

When the 26th anniversary of John Candy's death rolled around, Reynolds shared a touching tribute to the late comic actor. 

Even the Deadpool films feature a hidden John Candy Easter egg. 

In an appearance on David Letterman's series My Next Guest Needs No Introductionthe actor reveals his low-key nod to the fellow Canadian using a book Candy's Planes, Trains, and Automobiles character reads in the movie. 

"And I have that book," Reynolds tells Letterman. "Not the exact one he’s holding but I had it remade for Deadpool.”  

“I’m carrying it under my arm in a number of scenes,” he adds. “I don’t think anyone’s ever actually seen [it] on camera, but it’s just those little things that you try to never forget those people that have helped you grow you where you are.”

In the same interview, Reynolds shares how much Candy and other idols have influenced his acting. "If I’m flummoxed in a scene or I can’t figure out a way in, I will just copy them," he shares.