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Snow Way! Vancouver could see rare April snow next week

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Snow may surprise Vancouver residents this April.

Snow, at this time of year, in this part of the country?


Vancouver could be in for a rare event over the next week as weather systems are beginning to align: April snow.

"Today is a warm day but then we're getting into a cold front coming in tomorrow," Environment Canada meteorologist Bobby Sekhon tells Vancouver Is Awesome Thursday.

The springtime cold snap will last several days, he says, including the weekend and into next week. Over the weekend there will be an unsettled air mass with a chance of wet flurries on Sunday, but Sekhon notes it's not particularly likely for Vancouver to see snow that day. The reason is odd; the air will be cold enough above the city, but it's unlikely there will be enough precipitation.

However, Tuesday is coming.

"What I can see now; Tuesday night into Wednesday there could be some possibility of some snow," he says, noting it'll still be cold and precipitation is expected.

Whether it will snow for sure and how much could fall is still unclear, as the systems are still a fair way away.

"This weekend will be cold enough for snow overnight but there won't be enough precipitation until Tuesday and Wednesday," he says.

Sekhon notes any snowfall is unlikely to stick around very long as the ground has already begun to warm and will likely melt the falling snow.

Snow in April in Vancouver is exceedingly rare. Since 1937, the government has only officially recorded April snow 14 times (the station is at the airport). That's when at least 0.1 cm accumulates on the ground.

The last time there was even a trace amount of snow in April was April 24, 2015. The last time there was a measurable amount was April 19, 2008. The record for the snowiest April days ever were April 10, 1983 and April 12, 1981 with 3.8 cm. The snowiest April ever was in 1972 with 4.7 cm.

Sekhon notes longtime residents of the city still talk about the April snowfalls in the 80s.

Vancouver has never seen measurable spring snowfall after April 19.