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This tiny Vancouver rental offers taste of urban homesteader life for under $500 a month

"Imagine living in the cabin of a sailboat," reads this curious rental listing

The people behind this Craigslist ad know just how small a room they're offering is.

"Imagine living in the cabin of a sailboat. This is how small the room is," they write in the ad, noting that it's an "ergonomic layout."

"But I repeat, this is a tiny space," they add. The ad says it's 64 square feet.

How the room works into the layout of the house isn't immediately clear, as they note it's connected, but has its own sliding door entrance from the outside.

While the room is tiny, the property, located in Dunbar, is sizable with a strong, intentional "DIY" vibe. There are wandering chickens, a vegetable garden, and a berry patch at this "funky urban homestead." There's also a wood stove, patio deck, and picnic table out back.

And they're looking for someone to fit in with that attitude, in particular on the food side of things. That includes cooking, and potentially joining in on one of the many different "fermentation projects" going on.

"Looking for someone keenly aware of environmental sustainability. We recycle, compost and hang our clothes up to dry, weather permitting," states the ad, adding they're looking for someone who doesn't use aerosol deodorant.

Oh, and a bonus to anyone whose first language is Spanish or French.