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Here is when Kitsilano Pool is slated to open this summer

The pool is expected to reopen followed repairs for damages incurred from a major storm.
Kitsilano Pool, the longest saltwater pool in North America, might open in time for August Long weekend, said the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. Photo via temmuzcan/iStock / Getty Image Plus/Getty Images

Locals looking to take a refreshing dip in one of Vancouver's most popular pools might be in luck this summer. 

Weather dependent, Kitsilano Pool — the longest saltwater pool in North America —  might open in time for August Long weekend, according to the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.

In April, Recreation services announced that the iconic summer destination would not open in time for the May long weekend due to damages incurred from the King-tide storm on Jan. 7, which included cracks on the bottom of the swimming pool and damage to the chambers used to fill it.

"Early inspections by engineers showed substantial cracks, movement of cement slabs and gaps in the expansion joints, which led to concerns about whether or not there were voids under the pool tanks," explains a news release. 

Following an "extensive assessment," staff say the pool's "structural integrity has not been compromised" and can safely be filled once they seal the cracks on its concrete surface. 

But the city needs at least a week's worth of dry weather in order to seal the cracks; the sealant won't cure properly if the surface isn't dry to start. 

After they seal the cracks, the crew needs two more weeks to fill the pool, treat and heat the water, and prepare it for opening day.

If everything goes to plan, the pool is slated to be open this summer from Saturday, July 30 to Monday, Sept. 5. 

In the off-season, staff will complete long-term assessments and repairs, which include in-depth repairs to "rejuvenate the pool’s structure back to what it was before the storm" and more "extensive maintenance for the deeper cracks that went through the entire thickness of the pool." 

In 2020, CNN Travel included the pool on its list of the world's best places for swimming

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