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'Where are the $25 all in tickets??': Vancouver fans call out Live Nation on huge sale

Here's what happened to the discounted tickets.
Vancouver fans were disappointed when the promised $25 all-in tickets at Live Nation's Concert Week Sale were nowhere to be found when the discounts started on May 10, 2023.

Paying $25 for a ticket to see a big-name concert may sound too good to be true. For many, turns out, it is. 

The Live Nation Concert Week sale, which promised heavily discounted prices on local concerts, festivals, and other events, started this morning (May 10) and will run until May 16. 

However, as fans rushed to the snag the low-cost tickets, many were faced with a disappointing surprise. The promised $25 tickets were nowhere to be seen.

Vancouver fans took to social media to share their letdown. 

Apparently, the lack of tickets, which are sold through Ticketmaster, is because they are sold out or aren't on sale yet. 

"If only full priced tickets are available at check out, this means the tickets for the $25 Concert Week promotion have been exhausted," replied Live Nation to a dismayed fan. "We recommend checking back as more tickets may be added for selected events."

Live Nation's reply to another fan explains the lack of tickets; the promotion begins on May 10 at 10 a.m. local venue time rather than at 7 a.m. when the timer ended.