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Erect your own ‘Penis Satan’: Raunchy Vancouver devil statue pops up again

The big red devil is back with his big red...tail
Penis Satan can be dropped into any location now, in Vancouver or around the world.

Warning: This story may contain material and images that are offensive to some audiences.

It's been years since Penis Satan, the famous (or infamous) sculpture, dropped into reality, taking its temporary place near Clark and Great Northern Way.

But the big red devil with a big red...tail (and an erection) is back, in a way, and can be where ever you need him. Obsidian, the anonymous artist who's claimed responsibility for the controversial piece has decided to release an augmented reality version.

"Penis Satan is my gift to the world that keeps on giving," the artist says in a video posted on social media.

To drop Penis Satan into any situation, people can go to the Penis Satan website and launch it from there (it'll open up the camera function on a phone and after a minute drop P.S. in place). Penis Satan shows up as standing about the same height as a human and stands in place with his signature...wave.

While the bright red naked devil only lasted a short time, it burrowed deep into Vancouver's collective memory. Last year it was resurrected as an NFT by Obsidian as well.

Penis Satan
Left and Right: Penis Satan dropped onto Cambie Street. Middle: The original Penis Satan statue. Contributed. Brendan Kergin / Vancouver Is Awesome