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What are these strange objects that washed up on Vancouver's Seawall?

What are those things, does anyone know?
The City of Vancouver says the Park Operations Team has been notified about the strange objects. Here's what they had to say about them washing up.

Do you know what these weird things are that people have spotted washing up on Vancouver's Seawall?

Someone took to social media to share an image of three objects that look like little pots that have washed up on a Vancouver shore. They appear to have some colourful streamers on the bottom of them. 

A City of Vancouver spokesperson told Vancouver Is Awesome that they didn't have any information about what the peculiar objects are but that the city's Park Operations Team has been notified and will remove them.

"As a general note, anything that washes up along Vancouver’s shoreline is treated as ocean pollution and will be disposed of appropriately (unless it's something of value such as a wallet, which would then be handed to the relevant authorities)," the representative explained.

But it isn't uncommon for strange objects to wash up on Metro Vancouver's beaches.

Richmond resident Steve LaRocca scours local beaches and shares his oceanic treasures on social media under the FraserRiverFinds. Some of his finds include vintage toys, a carved white horse figurine, an old bottle of Chanel No. 5 perfume, and a complete Naloxone kit.

The public can report debris or anything concerning washing up on Vancouver’s shoreline by calling 311 or using the Van311 app.

And, if you have an idea about what those little pot-like objects might be, send us an email at [email protected]

With a file from Cameron Thomson.