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'Vancouver is going to be a mess': Vancouverites react to snowfall forecast

This year marked one of the earliest snowfalls on record in Vancouver.
la nina winter snow downtown vancouver
Vancouver locals react to a snowy forecast for the upcoming week.

As temperatures are expected to take a dramatic plunge in Vancouver next week, locals brace for the mid-week snowfall. 

After experiencing one of the earliest snowfalls on record, there were several crisp, sunny days in the city this November and even a few decidedly foggy ones

Some Vancouverites are preparing for the snowy week ahead. 

"I’m bracing for the snowstorms coming here Tuesday and Wednesday," shares one local on Twitter. "This was all the snow we have had this year so far," they add, showing a photo from Vancouver's first snowfall

Some Vancouverites share lighthearted nods to driving conditions in the upcoming week. 

"Vancouver is going to be a mess on Wednesday morning," shares one local on Twitter, meanwhile another person writes, "With snow on Tuesday and Wednesday it’s going to be fun driving."

However, one's wish for a snow day came true, but on the wrong day. 

With files from Elana Shepert.