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Here's why the Science World dome was dark this past week

And when you can expect to see the lights come back on.
The Science World lights have been off due to missing specialized parts. Here's when we can expect them to turn back on.

Typically, the 198 LED lights on the Science World geodesic dome are lit from dusk to dawn.

This past week, however, the "golf ball" on Vancouver's skyline has been uncharacteristically dark.

The Science World website reads: "Please note: Our dome lights have been turned off as we work to resolve some technical challenges."

The technical difficulty is that some of the bulbs are out and there have been delays in fixing them due to supply chain issues, a Science World spokesperson tells V.I.A. The lights require specialized parts that have been hard to get a hold of due to the pandemic, so the decision was made to turn the lights off for a little while.

The lights are an iconic part of the Vancouver skyline and the colours are often themed to show support for or celebrate events, charities and non-profits. The public can also fill out a request form on the Science World website to make suggestions on which causes the lights should support (with some caveats).

While the dome has been dark, Science World has still been taking requests.

The team at Science World expects that the lights will be back up and running this week (perhaps as early as tonight - Sept. 12) though they were offline on Thursday and Friday to honour the Queen's passing.