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Two zero-waste Vancouver companies join forces for package-free grocery delivery

From foes to friends
package free zero waste grocery delivery
Nada and Jarr, two Vancouver-based zero-waste grocery and grocery delivery companies, have joined forces.

Vancouver has plenty of sustainable ideas and alternatives to offer, and those looking to make their grocery shopping more eco-friendly have many zero-waste and refill stores to choose from. But sometimes sustainable options aren't a convenient stop along the way.

Two Vancouver zero-waste companies who started out as "friendly competitors" have now teamed up for the environmental good of the city. 

Nada, Vancouver's first package-free grocery store, and Jarr, a Vancouver-based package-free grocery delivery company, both launched zero-waste grocery delivery services at the start of the pandemic.

Several years later, Nada acquired Jarr in a partnership that will continue diverting plastic from landfill (they've helped reroute over 1.3 million containers so far) and delivering package-free groceries across Metro Vancouver.

The two companies make grocery delivery sustainable from start to finish via carbon-free and low-emission electric cargo bikes and electric cars through Nada's home delivery service, Nada2U. 

"The petroleum industry is projected to ramp up plastic production over the next 10 years and as we head into an unprecedented period of inflation, this partnership between Jarr and Nada becomes even more important," says Jarr founder and CEO, Emily Sproule, in a media release. 

The partnership is helping make package-free, zero-waste grocery shopping in Vancouver bigger and better.