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Check out this $25M 99-year-old home in the middle of Vancouver with a truly magnificent park-like garden (PHOTOS)

It also has some amazing architectural details inside.

When a house costs $25 million most people would expect to get something flashy along with at least a couple of bedrooms and a kitchen.

This home comes with what's essentially a small park attached.

Located at 1738 Angus Drive, the house sits on a Shaughnessy lot with around 50,000 square feet of property. Even with the huge house (with 8,000 sq. ft. of living space), there's a lot of outdoors. That means that along with a big back patio and even bigger backyard, there's plenty of room for a calm, park-like area complete with mature trees, a stone path and mossy rocks.

Thanks to the age of the home, the pond area has a more natural, less assembled, quality to it.

Inside the home, things are no less decadent. A beautiful dining room looks out into the yard, there's a breakfast nook (which also looks out into the yard), and an office that's not far from being a solarium because of all the windows that look out into the yard.

There's a pattern here, somewhere.

The house, which was renovated in 1997, includes plenty of fine-tuned details, including carved hardwood crossbeams in the ceiling, multiple fireplaces and, in at least one case, a rather ornate entranceway into a room.

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