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Want to live in the 'Quarrybean?': Unusual, off-the-grid B.C. 'lifestyle retreat' selling for $2.2 million

It's got a funicular and sometimes whales swim by.

In Vancouver, $2.2 million won't go far if you want a private place to live.

There are plenty of houses available for around that price, but if you're looking for something unusual, super stylish, or with a funicular, it's unlikely you'll find what you're looking for in the city.

A funicular, for the record, is essentially an elevator that travels diagonally instead of up and down.

One place that does come with one is a B.C. property for sale dubbed the "Quarrybbean."

Currently on the market for $2.2 million, the unusual off-the-grid lifestyle retreat is located north of Vancouver on Nelson Island. It's hard to say how long it would take to get there since there are no roads; it's only accessible by boat or seaplane.

However, the nearest town, Madeira Park, is about two hours and 45 minutes away (including a ferry ride) on the Sunshine Coast.

Located on a bluff above the ocean, the two buildings that are part of the "Quarrybean" are the "Tree House Cabin" and the "Penthouse Perch Studio." Together the two have five bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms (and a 70-foot patio-style bridge connecting them). The funicular is used to get down to the dock at the base of the bluff.

Photos of the site show whales, eagles and other wildlife visiting nearby.

It was built by J. Alistair Palmer who was "compelled" to build the unusual development and now it's being used as accommodation for people looking to get away from the city and enjoy some quiet coastal time.