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Celebrating Whisky at the BC Highland Games and Scottish Festival

On June 17, 2017, the BC Highland Games and Scottish Festival will celebrate culture and competition, Scottish style.

On June 17, 2017, the BC Highland Games and Scottish Festival will celebrate culture and competition, Scottish style. With pipes and drums, live entertainment, Quidditch, food, beer gardens, and Highland dancing, the BC Highland Games promise to deliver a fun family day out.

One of the highlights of the BC Highland Games is always the popular Whisky School.

“We hold the Whisky School in a special tent and we invite whisky experts to present on various topics related to whisky.”

There are four sessions on Saturday afternoon with topics of interest for the beginner right through to the connoisseur.

“We have a session on Scottish whiskies and another on Irish whiskies,” says Mike Chisholm, Chair of the BC Highland Games Committee. “In the third session, we look at whiskies from Canada, Australia, Taiwan, and Japan. And the final class is on premium whiskies, which will feature some of the higher-end, memorable tastes.”

Each class is limited to 30-seats to create an intimate setting where students can easily interact with the presenter.

“It’s a unique whisky tasting experience,” Mike explains, “There are other whisky schools in our area put on by whisky clubs, for example. But ours is in a tent that’s beautifully decorated with whisky-related displays, while outside there are the sounds of the Highland Scottish Games with bagpipes, dancing, kilts, and all the pageantry. It’s a wonderful atmosphere.”

All the classes in the Whisky School tend to sell out quickly, so early buying of tickets is advised.

“The director of our Whisky School is Bill Diamond,” Mike says. “and he’s inviting expert whisky makers and tasters to explain how the drink is made and what goes into a good whisky. And of course, there’ll be an opportunity to taste the various brands.”

One of the whisky brands featured will be the award-winning Glen Breton Rare from Nova Scotia’s Glenora distillery in Glenville, Cape Breton.

“Glen Breton is made in the time-honoured tradition of Scottish whiskies,” Mike explains, “and the distillery is located in an area renowned for its Scottish highland ties.”

The whisky School’s itinerary includes educational sessions on the difference between a malt and a blend and a 12 or 21-year-old whisky. And what could be better than relaxing with a sip of the uisage beatha, or “water of life,” surrounded by the sights and sounds of the BC Highland Games and Scottish Festival.

For more information on the BC Highland Games, call 604.263.9911 or visit the website. Tickets are available online at The Highland Games can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.